show opens 2014-2016

In 2015, Oxygen re-branded with a new tagline “Very Real”. The new programming was a focus away from celebrity obsessions and guilty pleasures, and instead turned to real people and deep connections with others while still having fun. The shows that followed were genuine, heartfelt and aimed to foster a sisterhood like community that would drive ratings.

The Prancing Elites Project Show Open & package

The Prancing Elites are a dance troupe with 5 j-sette dancers from Mobile, Alabama. J-sette dancing is a popular Southern style of dance mostly done by women in the stands of the stadium. These 5 dancers just love to dance but sometimes their sexuality is too much for the conservative Southerners. We wanted to capture their amazing dance sequence by first featuring the fine details like a flip of the hair or the shape of their bodies and then build toward a big ending with a wide shot of the stadium. 
The open has a custom New Orlean style bounce track. The beautiful images were shot at Ladd Peebles Stadium in South Alabama. 

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Made at Oxygen/NBC. 2015
Concept, Storyboards & Music Direction - Natalie To.
Final Edit - Georgia.
Music Track: 5 Alarm.
Creative Director - Kaori Sohma.
VP Design - Nancy Mazzei.


Imagine that you invented a new product and you just pitched your business idea to a group of investors. They all said YES! That makes today the day that you get to Quit Your Day Job. This show open captures the exact moment where you win. Custom music track.
I directed the actresses in front a colored seamless and cut these happy reactions together with clips from the show.

Oxygen/NBC. 2016
Concept, Art direction, Edit & Music Direction - Natalie To.
Creative Director - Kaori Sohma.
VP Design - Nancy Mazzei.


Fix My Mom is a reality show about 5 mother-daughter teams that confront their troubles head on by competing in a series of team building exercises and talking through their communication problems with a family therapist. Words really hurt, so we visualized these duos and the hurtful words that they say to each other.

Client - Oxygen/NBC. 2015

Concept & Music Direction - Natalie To
Storyboards & Design - Nathalie DeLaGorce.
Edit - Adrienne Silverman.
Creative Director - Kaori Sohma.
VP Design - Nancy Mazzei.


A hectic and funny reality show about a woman, her 5 sisters and their 14 kids who all live in one house. Each shot was storyboarded with elements of their home life and each action choreographed as to cram as many ideas, people, voices, fun to portray this funny family. 
Kaori and I directed the actors on set with many hilarious takes.

Client - Oxygen/NBC. 2015.
Final Edit, Art direction, Storyboards, Phone composite - Natalie To.
Creative Director - Kaori Sohma.
VP Design - Nancy Mazzei.