show opens 2017-2019

In July 2017, Oxygen rebranded into a true-crime television network. For years, it’s longest running show, Snapped, always did really well no matter what time or day of the week it came on. After multiple spin-offs and many expansions from one day to seven days of crime programming, the rebrand couldn’t be more clear. As a result, Oxygen needed many new show opens for all the new programming. These opens are much darker though are all still targeted to a mostly female demographic.

Mark of a killer show open and package

Every episode of Mark of a Killer features a real-life serial killer that can be identified with a different "mark" or trophy from the scene. Serial killers referenced in the open are the eyeball killer and the dating game killer.

Client: Oxygen/NBC. 2018.
Design and Animation: Natalie To
Editor: Justin Peach
Creative Director: Kaori Sohma
SVP Creative and Brand Strategy: Nancy Mazzei

The piketon Family Murders Show Open & package

The Piketon Family Murders is a limited true crime series on Oxygen. Piketon Ohio is the location of the infamous Rhoden family massacre in 2016. Members of another family from the town are the suspects in this on-going case.
We overlaid "rusted" textures over b-roll footage of the town to represent the rust belt and the melancholy nature of the town after the crimes. We worked with the production company, Georgia, to compose the music track with Ozark undertones.

Client: Oxygen/NBC. 2018.
Concept, Design and Animation. Natalie To
Creative Director: Kaori Sohma
Art Director: Nathalie DeLaGorce
SVP Creative and Brand Strategy: Nancy Mazzei

up and vanished show open and package

Up and Vanished is a true crime limited series based on a hit podcast of the same name. The story follows the 2005 disappearance of a young school teacher and beauty queen from Ocila, Georgia. The podcast gained a huge following especially after some big breaks in the case. (No spoilers.)
The poetic visuals of the rising moon, the dandelion wish and the disappearing woman build and extend the brand built by the podcast. The ethereal chorus of voices is based on the music from the podcast.

Client: Oxygen/NBC. 2018.
Concept, Design and Animation: Natalie To
Creative Director: Kaori Sohma
SVP Creative and Brand Strategy: Nancy Mazzei

The Jury Speaks show open and package

The Jury Speaks is a 4-part documentary series about jurors from 4 infamous trials that share their controversial behind the scenes discussions and arguments in the jury room. The cases include Michael Jackson, OJ Simpson, Robert Blake, and George Zimmerman.
The open was built around courtroom images and sounds with fragments of legal documents peppered in.

Client - Oxygen/NBC. 2017.
Concept, Storyboards and Edit - Natalie To
Art Director - Nathalie DeLaGorce.
Creative Director - Kaori Sohma.
VP Brand Design - Nancy Mazzei.

Dying to belong show open and package

Some people would do anything to belong to the best groups and to have the appearance of being rich and famous. Nothing gets in their way, including murder. This show open features distorted images of extreme wealth with manic diary-like scribblings that personify the desperation to appear to have it all.

Client Oxygen/NBC. 2017.
Concept, Design: Natalie To
Animation: Kristyn Hume, Laura Lee
Creative Director: Kaori Sohma
SVP Creative and Brand Strategy: Nancy Mazzei