The Prancing Elites Project Show Open 

The Prancing Elites are a dance troupe with 5 j-sette dancers from Mobile, Alabama. J-sette dancing is a popular Southern style of dance mostly done by women in the stands of the stadium. These 5 dancers just love to dance but sometimes their sexuality is too much for the conservative Southerners. We wanted to capture their amazing dance sequence by first featuring the fine details like a flip of the hair or the shape of their bodies and then build toward a big ending with a wide shot of the stadium. 
The open has a custom New Orlean style bounce track. The beautiful images were shot at Ladd Peebles Stadium in South Alabama. 

Read more about them here:

Made at Oxygen. VP Design - Nancy Mazzei. Creative Director - Kaori Sohma. Final Edit - Georgia.
Concept, Storyboards & Music Direction - Natalie To