UX + Animation

In 2014, I become re-interested in interface design and UX. I took a General Assembly class where for one project, I created a reward point system for positive actions and extra hard work within a restaurant. Rewards could then be redeemed at the end of the week as tips. For the final project, I created an app for a hypothetical fit-bit for horses.
At Oxygen, I had some opportunities to flex my nascent UX skills. The first is a co-branded project between Xfinity and Oxygen. For the second, I had the opportunity to work with the Technical Director of Digital, at the time, to create the UX design for a new Oxygen Newsletter.

Xfinity interface storytelling Promo 

Animated interface storytelling promo about Infinity service. Xfinity sent us UX wireframe PSD's so we customized the information to reflect Oxygen's programming.

Client - Oxygen/NBC. 2016.
Design & Animation - Natalie To.
Edit - Melissa Balint.
Creative Director - Kaori Sohma. 
VP Design - Nancy Mazzei.


user experience design case studY


In 2015, the client, Oxygen, targeted two main audiences: young multicultural women and older women who love murder re-enactment shows like Snapped, which was in it's 17th season, and was expanding into a multi-show three day marathon event called Crimetime. The younger audience are technology early adopters on mobile and desktop, avid social media users and they may be in college or recently graduated. They love the show franchise Bad Girls Club which was entering it’s 16th season. 


The Oxygen newsletter had gone on hiatus for a number of months as all company resources had been focused on the 2014 rebrand of the channel and the redesign of the website. Restarting the newsletter would mean restarting it with a completely new look and voice. Also, the previous iteration of newsletter had a clunky design and even though there was a large number of email subscribers, the newsletter still had low open and click thru rates. 


The solution was a splashy come back newsletter that celebrated the exciting new Oxygen rebrand, the sleek modern website redesign and also reminded viewers about whats on the television schedule for later that night and the rest of the week. It also teased attention grabbing articles from the editorial team that increased the click-thru rate to the Oxygen website. In addition, the layout of the email newsletter was made consistent with the pretty new Oxygen website. One example was by using a similar top navigation element consistent with the main website. 

Wireframe 1

Wireframe 2